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0800 228 9521

01582 513 303

Teo Stone is a family run business with stonemasons roots that specialises in granite & quartz kitchen worktops for quality kitchens.

We work with a broad range of quality materials sourced from all over the world to produce our granite and quartz kitchen worktops.

Performance and appearance are equally important in a kitchen worktop, which needs to stand up to a variety of uses whilst complementing your kitchen.

Give a traditional look kitchen a sleek new contemporary feel, or transform ultra-modern to cottage style, by choosing the right combination of colours, styles and finishes.

Our worktop fitters are highly experienced stonemasons ready to carry out your worktop installation. They are well trained with years of experience behind them.

They will listen to your requirements and complete the work to the highest of standards. Teo Stone offers worktops for residential and commercial environments in Granite and Quartz.

We are constantly overlooking the market to expand our business offering our customers THE MOST COMPETITIVE PRICES IN THE UK !!

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